Antilope, The love of Jewellery.

Itʼs the beginning of the 1950ʼs in a small town in Lombardia, Mede, and Rino Antilope embarks on a journey as a commercial goldsmith: he is certainly one of the first in his area to become a jewellery representative, and it is an activity wich carriers on for ten years, ten years in wich he acquires knowledge and professionalism. He learns not only to value the precious stones but also the particular and sophisticated cuts.
In 1970 he decides to unite his technical and commercial experience with an art form and creativity he has cultivated during these years. He starts to design and create jewellery which is produced in his workshop, and from this his company is born; his own creations, classic with a refined style, meet with more and more success and pubblic demand grows.
In 1978 his eldest daughter Daniela is fascinated by the world of jewellery: curious and creative she discovers a world very different from that wich she knew during her studies. The precious stones become part of her, and her attention is absorbed entirely by the family business.
In 1982 her sister Manuela joins her and the “circle” closes. Their passion and tenacity carries them into the 1990ʼs and they become owners of the company. They combine their fatherʼs traditional products with innovative creations in gold and pearls. The singularity of the jewellery lies in the precision of the hand crafted pieces, which affirms itself with success, and drives them on to present their new collection, the name of their creations: Antilope. This trademark become synonymous pf patented, exclusive jewellery. They continue to use traditional materials such as gold, precious stones, pearls and diamonds, but in a moderm form wich is the result of design studies and careful technological research. The reputation of the company grows, and with this comes the firsf publicty campaign in womenʼs magazines.
Every year Antilope pleasantly surprise their clients with new collections, often they are animated like Brilli, the butterflies and little fish, or extremely romantic like the pave hearts. The everyday names of the Antilope collections have come to represent a research of design, a rigorous choice of materials and a careful, accurate hand crafted product: a Made in Italy over generations based on the love of a profession and the guaranteed quality of every piece of jewellery.
These values belong to Daniela and Manuela, who today with profound affection would like to thank those who day after day have given them paternal dedication and professionalism.